Care Instructions

Temporary tattoo care instructions

Seven Day Tattoos are highly realistic temporary tattoos that can last for one to two days even longer depending on placement and how well they are looked after.

When applying, it is better to shave the area. It is very important that the area is completely dry and free from oils, lotions, grease etc. Also place the tattoo first time as replacement weakens the adhesive.

Once placed, press down for a few seconds. Now wet the backing paper and leave for 30 seconds then slide the paper away. (Do not rush this process).
Now leave to dry for 5 minutes.

That's it, your temporary tattoo is applied.

* Important: DO NOT RUB THE TATTOO WHEN WET. This will lift the edges and peel away the edges of the tattoo. Gently dry it by dabbing it ...

Enjoy! Jon

Note: If you want a more realistic look to your freshly applied tattoo, why not try our temporary tattoo shine remover, TattMatte®. This will also make your tattoo last even longer.

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