Girls Tattoos

Temporary Tattoos
Made from all natural ingredients
100% Kid Safe
100% Waterproof
Lasts one to two days
Made to order

Contents: 1 x Sheet / Multiple Tattoos

Choice of 5 Sheets. Each sheet has a number on the top left corner for you to select when choosing.

These temporary tattoos are designed for kids of all ages. They are Ideal for birthdays and all children activities.
Girls Sheet Five sdt_girlssheetfive
Girls Sheet Five ....More
Girls Sheet Four sdt_girlssheetfour
Girls Sheet Four ....More
Girls Sheet One sdt_girlssheetone
Girls Sheet One ....More
Girls Sheet Three sdt_girlssheetthree
Girls Sheet Three ....More
Girls Sheet Two sdt_girlssheettwo
Girls Sheet Two ....More
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