What are temporary tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are fake tattoos that allow you to wear your favourite tattoo design(s) or your own artistic creations on a temporary basis without having them permanently tattooed on your skin.
One of the advantages of temporary tattoos is that you can wear all your favourite tattoo designs on a temporary basis. Also you can trial run a tattoo design for reviewing and correct placement.
One of the drawbacks of temporary tattoos is the "Shine" when they are first placed on to your skin. However this shine will fade after a day or two naturally.

*We sell our own temporary tattoo shine remover product called 'TattMatte® specially formulated to work with our temporary tattoos. It instantly removes the shine and ages it for a more realistic look.

Sizing details

Various sizes are available as listed.

Gift wrapping and packaging

All our temporary tattoos will be packaged to secure the items for delivery.

Care instructions

Seven Day Tattoos are highly realistic temporary tattoos that can last for one to two days even longer depending on placement and how well they are looked after. When applying, it is better to shave the area. It is very important that the area is completely dry and free from sweat, oils, lotions, grease etc. Also place the tattoo first time as replacement weakens the adhesive. Once placed, press down for a few seconds. Now wet the backing paper and leave for 30 seconds then slide the paper away. (Do not rush this process). Now leave to dry for 5 minutes. That's it. *Important*: Keep away from all heat sources and DO NOT RUB THE TATTOO WHEN WET. Both of these will lift and peel away the tattoo. If wet, gently dry it by dabbing it. Enjoy! Jon

Cancellation Rules & Charges

I do not accept cancellations, returns or exchanges for hygienic reasons (Temporary Tattoos). However, if you have any problems with your order, please contact me.

Style & Colours

We create highly professional temporary tattoos in every colour and style.

* Please note: The colours of our actual temporary tattoos may vary from the colours as shown on your systems screen due to your systems colour resolution.

What are your delivery methods?

All our orders are sent via Royal Mail 1st Class for which we get proof of posting to safeguard ourselves from claims of non delivery of orders. It is very important to be aware that once your order leaves the United Kingdom, we are not responsible for another countries postal services or customs. Any delays caused by your countries customs or postal services is not our responsibility. Should your order not get delivered, this has to be addressed with your local postal dept.

*By purchasing from our shop, you are agreeing to this.

What are Custom Decals?

‘Custom Decals’ are our unique tattoo design waterslide decals that can be applied to any smooth surface, furniture, boxes, mirrors, candles, soaps, jars, mugs etc., working best on a lighter flat background.

* Important * - Custom Decals are NOT temporary tattoos and cannot be used as such.

Post & Packaging

All orders are subject to postal and packaging costs. We try to keep our packaging costs to a minimal charge. We do not however have any control over posting costs.