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Seven Day Tattoos – TattMatte® Tattoo Shine Remover

What is TattMatte® ?

TattMatte® is our unique formula that both removes the shine off of our temporary tattoos plus it ages them instantly giving them a realistic faded appearance. 

As with all temporary tattoos, there is a shine left on the tattoo when applied. This shine will eventually fade on it’s own over a day or two by itself but if you want an immediate matte finish giving it a faded aged look, then TattMatte® Tattoo Shine Remover is your answer. 

Plus TattMatte® Tattoo Shine Remover adds a second layer of protection over your temporary tattoo enabling it to last even longer.

Instruction Leaflet
1 x finger glove applicator
2 ml bottle of TattMatte® Tattoo Shine Remover


TattMatte®; TattMatte® Tattoo Shine Remover; TattMatte® Temporary Tattoo Shine Remover; Our ingredients, recipe and the image used along with the name TattMatte®, are legally registered and any copying, cloning or any attempt to manufacture, misuse or sell our product will result in legal action been taken without notice.

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