Tattoo Trial Run

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Getting a tattoo?

Why not trial run your chosen design first for up to Seven days to try it out. 

More and more people are getting tattoos nowadays and are unsure about the design they want. Some simply choose a design from the tattoo artists wall collection while others look for a more meaningful design. Whichever you are deciding it is best to trial run your design first to be sure. The alternative is a permanent undecided tattoo for the rest of your life. It makes sense! 

Upload your chosen tattoo design to us using our 'Custom Order' upload form and tell us what size and colour you require. Do not worry if you need to make any alterations to the design. Our designer fee covers that for you.

* Please make sure that the image you send us is the same or bigger in size of the design you want to ensure a good quality temporary tattoo. Also the image should not be taken from a tattooed person unless the design is very clear all round so we can use it. Also we will make slight alterations to this type of image so we do not infringe on the copyrights of the artist.

* Contents: You will receive 1 x of your tattoo design as professional temporary tattoo

** Prices: We charge £2.00 per inch plus a £5.00 designers fee included in the price.

*** Note: ( No work will commence until payment is received ). This is to ensure our time and work on your design is paid for and shows you are committed. 

**** Sizes: We create temporary tattoos from: 1" to 8" in size.

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Seven Day Tattoos are designers and creators of the most realistic temporary tattoos on the market. We can create a temporary tattoo from any design up to 8" in size. Check out our categories for your next tattoo or if you have a design yourself, why not send it to us to have it converted into a realistic temporary tattoo. We also accept 'Custom Orders' and cater for weddings, hens, stags and all other special occasions. Enjoy your visit. Jon