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Welcome - To Seven Day Tattoos

Seven Day Tattoos are creators and designers of the most realistic temporary tattoos on the market today. Plus they are:

* Hand made to order.

* Ships worldwide.

* Lasts for up to seven days

* All natural ingredients

* 100% Cosmetic Safe

* 100% Kid Safe

* 100% Waterproof 


We also specialise in:

* Hen * Stag * Weddings * Birthdays * Custom Work *


Cannot see any designs you like? No problem! Upload your own design to us and we will create a custom temporary tattoo just for you. 

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Why not 'Trial Run' your chosen design before you commit to getting it permanently tattooed. "It makes Sense"! 

Upload your chosen tattoo design to us and we will create it into a realistic temporary tattoo so you can trial run it for up to seven days.


TattMatte® – Tattoo Shine Remover … (Optional Extra)

What is TattMatte® ?

TattMatte® is our unique formula that both removes the shine off of our temporary tattoos plus it ages them instantly giving them a realistic faded appearance. As with all temporary tattoos, there is a shine left on the tattoo when applied. This shine will eventually fade on it’s own over a day or two by itself but if you want an immediate matte finish giving it a faded aged look, then TattMatte® Tattoo Shine Remover is your answer. 

Plus TattMatte® Tattoo Shine Remover adds a second layer of protection over your temporary tattoo enabling it to last even longer.

Instruction Leaflet
1 x finger glove applicator
2 ml bottle of TattMatte® Tattoo Shine Remover

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